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What I Want You to See

What I Want You To See Curated by Thom Oosterhof   group show 9th March – 20th April 2024   JOCHEN MUHLENBRINK, J’MWP (WIWU2C),

Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories Hanna Brody, Tae Lee, Monika Marchewka, Florent Groc, Johan Larnouhet 13th January – 16th February 2024   Hanna Brody, Under Construction, 2023,

Gabriel Madan – Bad Sisters

Gabriel Madan Bad Sisters    23rd September – 18th November 2023 What’s love got to do with it A thought is love’s currency Do

City Escape

City Escape Summer group show   29th July- 10th September 2023   Alligator Fountain IMG_20230722_121919 IMG_20230722_122116 IMG_20230722_122204 IMG_20230722_152205 IMG_20230722_122302 IMG_20230722_152249 IMG_20230722_152402 work-2-5 PRESS RELEASE

Millie Kelly – Year One

Millie Kelly Year One 24th June – 24th July 2023   Ears And Fingers Pricked, 2023   Hop Skip Thump, 2023   Earthside, 2023

J Carino – Natural Disaster

J Carino Natural Disaster   20th May – 10th June 2023   PRESS RELEASE   CHECKLIST   VIEWING ROOM   MONTI8 is thrilled to

Owen Rival: Chronic Maintenance

Owen Rival Chronic Maintenance 29th April – 13th May 2023 PRESS RELEASE   CHECKLIST   VIEWING ROOM MONTI8 is excited to announce “Chronic Maintenance”,
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