Monika Marchewka

In Between


8th- 29th June  2024

Monti8 is thrilled to present ‘In Between’ , a solo show by Polish artist MonikaMarchewka. The exhibition dvelves into the surreal and enchanting world of the artist as she unveils her latest collection of paintings, each a mesmerizing
exploration of the delicate balance between light and darkness, longing and fear.
Coming from a Polish port city, Marchewka‘s art is deeply rooted in her connection to nature, particularly the mysterious and captivating world of the sea. Her paintings exude a distinct femininity, rendered in soft pastel tones that transport viewers to ethereal realms of imagination.
In this solo show, Marchewka invites the viewer to contemplate the eternal dance between day and night, a theme that resonates deeply with her personal journey. Through her surrealist compositions, she captures the essence of longing for the passing day, the comfort of night, and the apprehension of the impending morning.
Marchewka‘s thought process behind this exhibition reflects her profound insights into the human experience. She poetically articulates the universal emotions of fear of the unknown and nostalgia for the familiar, weaving them into each brushstroke with delicate precision. As viewers immerse themselves in Marchewka's evocative paintings, they are encouraged to reflect on their own relationship with change and transition. For in the delicate interplay of light and shadow, Marchewka reminds us that within every challenge lies the promise of growth and renewal.


Monika Marchewka (b.1988) is a Polish artist living and working in Gdynia, Poland. In 2013 she obtained her degree in painting at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. After graduation, Monika started working as an animator in the world;s first fully painted film Loving Vincent’and later;The Peasants; (BreakThru films production company). Since leaving BreakThru films, she has been painting full-time. She had her first solo show with Artisellar Gallery London in 2022 and has participated in number of group shows world-wide ( Salon 21 in NY, Monti8 in Italy, LAMB Gallery London).
She is having a second solo in June 2024 with Monti8 in Latina, Italy and upcoming group exhibition in China and Mexico.



Installation views