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Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories Hanna Brody, Tae Lee, Monika Marchewka, Florent Groc, Johan Larnouhet 13th January – 16th February 2024   Hanna Brody, Under Construction, 2023,

J Carino – Natural Disaster

J Carino Natural Disaster   20th May – 10th June 2023   PRESS RELEASE   CHECKLIST   VIEWING ROOM   MONTI8 is thrilled to
OUT OF PLACE Philipp Kremer, Sam Bornstein, Alex Leav and works by Elizabeth Glaessner and Anthony Cudahy 29th October – 25th November 2022 AVAILABLE


Vista  A project run by MONTI8 UPCOMING MANUELA NAVAS Lemabrancas Inventadas 5th – 26th November 2022 PAST Annemari Vardanyan. A Few Seconds Before Happiness
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