14.07 – 02.09.2022

Emma Steinkrauss, Talia Ramkilawan, Gabriel Sanchez, Vivi Cho, Owen Rival, S.H.Kim, Lauren Reynolds, Will Fice, Dominikia Kovacikova, Kathryn Kampovsky, Tafadzwa Masudi, Kristen Sanders, Rune Christensen



Daniel Morowitz. Tell Me Your Story

DANIEL MOROWITZ TELL ME YOUR STORY  09.04 – 09.05.2022 VISTA Project Space “What is mythology but our own foundation, the story of our roots:

Pacifico Silano. Don’t Worry Baby

Pacifico Silano Don’t Worry Baby 15.01 – 15.02- 2021 VIEWING ROOM  |  PRESS RELEASE  |  CHECKLIST PRESS RELEASE MONTI8 is excited to announce Don’t

Gabriel Alejandro Sanchez. Let Me In

MONTI8 is delighted to announce its second project at VISTA: “ Gabriel Alejandro Sanchez – Let Me In”. In this occasion, the small room

Lanise Howard. Chameleon

Lanise Howard Chameleon 06 – 31. 06.2021 VIEWING ROOM    |    PRESS RELEASE    |    CHECKLIST Makidada, 2021. oil on canvas. Cm

Marcela Florido. Primavera

Marcela Florido Primavera 18.6 – 12.07. 2021 VIEWING ROOM    |    PRESS RELEASE    |    CHECKLIST 

Nell Nicholas. Treasure

Nell Nicholas Treasure 27.03 – 02.05.2021 VIEWING ROOM    |    PRESS RELEASE    |    CHECKLIST

Daniel Jensen. Fireworks

Daniel Jensen Fireworks 27.11 – 21.12.2021 VIEWING ROOM    |    PRESS RELEASE    |    CHECKLIST

A Private Matter

(curated) Artists: Keiran Brennan Hinton | Vojtech Kovarik | Justin Liam O’Brien |  Alessandro Fogo | Diane Dal Pra | Henry Curchod Opening date:

Elementor #13437

Lanise Howard Chameleon 6th – 31st July. 2021 Checklist Press release Selected press