Jochen Mühlenbrink


 5 Perspectives?

In collaboration with Thom Oosterhof


16th June – 10th August  2024

Following our previous collaboration ‘What I Want You to See’, artist Jochen Mühlenbrink, Latina based gallery Monti 8, and I, curator Thom Oosterhof present a small presentation of works under the title ‘Five Perspectives?’.

Building on the narrative of our previous project, Jochen’s work resides unequivocally in the interpretative space. Whereby not only is the experiencer left to determine what it is that is seen, but also the artist himself. Creating through intention and intuition at the same time, Jochen implores himself not to direct but to encourage. In this way he gives himself the space to create works of which he knows the origin, but not the destination.

The five works presented are, at first glance, five portraits. Figuratively rooted, they appear to be representational, whether of others, known or unknown, or of oneself. But are they really what they appear to be? Are they human, are they formless, are they others?

These questions, left unanswered, allow the experiencer the choice to determine the experience for themselves. To define which perspective they choose to see. And in doing so, creating a wildly different experience for themselves.

Presented within the gallery’s domestic project space, the works are given significant ‘breathing space’ in relation to each other. Collectively linked by format, medium and subject, yet individually empowered by their unique ability to communicate with the viewer.


Thom Oosterhof

Installation views