City Escape

Summer group show


29th July- 10th September 2023


MONTI8 is delighted to present City Ecape, a group show featuring the works of Brea Weinreb, Brittany Fanning, Bradley McCrary, Channatip Chanvipava, J Carino, Sally Jerome and Alejando Sintura Castro.

This exhibition brings together a small group of artists, whose work has a strong link with nature and the outside.
Their subjects are human figures who dialogue with the external world, looking for a space out of the chaos of the city. They search a place to meet with other people and spend some time far from the frenzy life, typical of the metropolis, enjoying the company of their friends free from the control of the society.
Getting away from the city, people can be more focused on human relationships and also their connection to the environment. On the other hand, escaping from the city also embodies the need to find piece in the silence of nature. Men and women look for an isolation to reflect, to recover a bond with the natural elements like air and water.
This immersion in the nature could be connected to mythic or fairy world aspects, as well as a search for spirituality.