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Owen Rival

About CV About Owen Rival recognizes the magnificence of the mundane. His work bestows life’s monotonous routines with the weight of a historic event,

Lanise Howard

About CV About Lanise Howard is interested in the analogous world, hidden histories, and the digital space. Her work ranges from portraiture, to large

Nell Nicholas

About CV About Born in Wiltshire (England) 1995. Lives and works in London Nell Nicholas is a young British artist . Her practice revolves

Daniel Jensen

About CV About Born in Malmo (Sweden) 1972.Lives and works in Stockholm. Ranging from small, medium and larger sizes, each painting keep the same

Pacifico Silano

About CV About The subjects of Pacifico Silano’s works are always men. The body is the main element which links all of his practice,

Marcela Florido

PROJECTS WITH US Primavera May – June 2021 Solo Show Building Narratives October – November 2020 Group show INSTALLATION VIEW Previous Next About CV

Ana Segovia

About CV About Born in Mexico City (Mexico) 1991. Lives and works in Mexico City Ana Segovia works from film stills, mostly from the
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