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Gabriel Madan – Viewing Room

GABRIEL MADAN Bad Sisters PORTFOLIO PRESS RELEASE MONTI8 is excited to announce Gabriel Madan – Bad Sisters, the first European exhibition of the artist. The

Gabriel Madan – Bad Sisters

Gabriel Madan Bad Sisters  23rd September – 18th November 2023 What’s love got to do with it A thought is love’s currency Do you

City Escape

City Escape Summer group show 29th July- 10th September 2023   Alligator   Fountain   IMG_20230722_121919   IMG_20230722_122116   IMG_20230722_122204   IMG_20230722_152205   IMG_20230722_122302

Millie Kelly – Year One

Millie Kelly Year One 24th June – 24th July 2023   Ears And Fingers Pricked, 2023   Hop Skip Thump, 2023   Earthside, 2023

Millie Kelly – Viewing Room

MILLIE KELLY YEAR ONE PORTFOLIO PRESS RELEASE Millie Kelly‘s recent paintings are a celebration of life and painting. In her show ‘Year One’ Kelly

J. Carino – Viewing Room

J. Carino Natural Disaster PORTFOLIO PRESS RELEASE Set in the precarious California landscape, with its beauty and looming natural disasters, this series explores the