18th March – 15th April 2023

MONTI8 is thrilled to announce “Pantheon”, a solo show by the mother and son duo Spiller+Cameron. This is the first exhibition of the British artists with the gallery, presenting a new body of seven works. The show will run from 18th March to 15th April 2023.

Moira Cameron & Xavier Spiller-Cameron, a mother and son team called Spiller+Cameron. The two artists collaborate and work together in a truly shared partnership. Ideas and plans are bounced off each other and aims are approached with
their different values. Combining an understanding they share for aesthetic qualities and a joint passion for creativity. The works are assembled in union, equally sharing the tasks. Each collaborator brings their strengths and weaknesses to the union, Xavier
introducing his youthful, contemporary energy and vitality, to Moira’s maturity and experience.