18th March – 15th April 2023



MONTI8 is thrilled to announce “Pantheon”, a solo show by the mother and son duo Spiller+Cameron. This is the first exhibition of the British artists with the
gallery, presenting a new body of seven works. The show will run from 18th March to 15th April 2023.

Spiller+Cameron’s practice merges different kind of styles and languages. Despite working with abstraction, it is easy to recognize multiple symbols on the surface,
creating both chaotic and geometrical structures. Repetition is a common thread in Spiller+Cameron’s art. Some elements, like triangles, dots and circles, are often repeated on the canvas, as well as anatomic parts such as eyes and hands. These symbols are constantly reproduced and merged with new components until the right balance of the composition is achieved.

As the title of the works suggest, this exhibition is imbued with references to the Greek and Roman mythology. As the artists explained: “This series of
paintings are named after resurrected iconic deities: Minerva the goddess of Wisdom, Atropos the goddess of fate and Eris the god of chaos, being
amongst their attributes. These protagonists tower like guardians, watching over you, their presence embodying a sense of protection”.

Resurrection/reincarnation are main themes in Spiller+Cameron, who metaphorically send back to these concepts through the process of making
painting. The duo said: “The process brings the precision and structural element to the works, flawlessly connected swatches create the impression of one piece.
Once finished, they have a sense of permanence. The works have undergone an alchemical process of reincarnation, having been broken down and destroyed. Then stitched back together. “ The show will be open on 18 th March in the gallery space, and it supported by a text of the artists.

MOIRA CAMERON (b. 1962, London) studied at the Croydon College of Art (foundation course); Ravensbourne College of Art (foundation and BA, consecutively) and finally completed her studies at the Chelsea College of Art, obtaining a MA in Fine Art. Cameron has exhibited extensively as a solo artist in London, New York, Chicago, Japan, and; Switzerland.

XAVIER SPILLER-CAMERON (b. 1991, London) studied at Hampstead Fine Arts College; the University of the Arts (London) where he obtained a foundation and; the
City & Guilds of London Art School where he completed a BA in Sculpture.

Moira Cameron & Xavier Spiller-Cameron, a mother and son team called
Spiller+Cameron. The two artists collaborate and work together in a truly shared
partnership. Ideas and plans are bounced off each other and aims are approached with
their different values. Combining an understanding they share for aesthetic qualities and
a joint passion for creativity. The works are assembled in union, equally sharing the
tasks. Each collaborator brings their strengths and weaknesses to the union, Xavier
introducing his youthful, contemporary energy and vitality, to Moira’s maturity and

18th March – 15th April 2023
Via Monti 8 – Latina (IT)