Lanise Howard

Rapture, to be bolden in the blues and purples

8th December 2022 – 10th january 2023



MONTI8 is excited to announce “Rapture, to be bolden in the blues and purples”, second exhibition of Lanise Howard with MONTI8. After a small presentation of the artist’s work in the Vista Project Space in July 2021, this new exhibition is hosted by the main space of the gallery from 3rd December 2022 to 10th January 2023.

On this occasion, Lanise Howard presents a selection of seven works, ranging from large-scale to smaller size, all made in 2022. As in the previous ones, these paintings investigate the relationship between human figures and landscapes, becoming even closer. Landscapes, actually, are not just a background but play now a main role on the canvas, strongly marking every scene.

As in all Lanise Howard’s survey, in this new body of works too men and women are always placed in natural settings, where there is no other element but nature or animals. Nevertheless, now fields and skies convey a sense of anxiety and suspence, as if something terrible is about to happen.

The idea of a new Apocalypse characterises the whole exhibition. The figures on the canvas are threatened by a violent storm, they look surprised, but at the same time they don’t fear this storm because they know they will be able to face it and that a time of Spring will come back again The title “to be bolden in the blues and purples” refers to this storm: the blues represent the dark age our society is living in and the purples symbolize the return to a time of quitness and piece.

This idea is clear also in the style of these seven paintings, where the human shapes are more expressive, dramatic and the tones are much darker than the previous works and more intense. Especially the skies reveal new colours never used before by the artist, who wants to disclose all the tension and concern about the coming storm, suggested by dark hues interchanged with brighter brushstrokes to evoke the state of piece that will come back.

Even if the artist developed a new concept of exhibition she never abandons the investigation on origins and roots. Her entire practice offers a new point of view on Black people who, like chameleons, always find a new way to adapt to situations to survive.

The show is enriched by a text written by the artist.

Lanise Howard ( South California, 1993) lives and works in Los Angeles. She took and BFA at Otis College in 2020 and participated to several exhibitions, like: Chameleon: to be of an ambiguous origin, 2021, MONTI8, Latina, IT; In an age of simulation, 2021, Mindy Solomon, Miami, FL; And then they heard the wind, 2022, Seasons LA, Los Angeles, CA, Zoom in, 2022, Prior Art Space, Berlin (DE); Power of feminity, 2022, Kutlesa Gallery, Goldau (CH); Hospitality Suite, 2022, Mindy Solomon, Miami (FL), e Confluence of costal creativity, 2022, Albertz Benda, Los Angeles (CA).

Her work has been presented to ArtissimaFair in 2021, with MONTI8.