Rapture, to be bolden in the blues and purples

I am interested in the creation of an analogous world, where hidden histories, personal allegories, and various periods of time merge. My work ranges from portraiture, to large allegorical figurative paintings. The work often lies in-between differing states of being. I aim to create new spaces through paint, where the viewer can become
transported. In this creation of an analogous world; I was originally interested in
re-writing a narrative where black figures were thriving and meeting new
challenges, as though they were chameleons, ebbing and changing with every new

Therefore, the thinking was that this place would be a space of new possibility. The idea of change then becomes an element of the work. My work often presents hypotheses and tries to offer possible answers, through engagement and inquiry. I am primarily interested in the figure and landscape. Elements of realism and abstraction juxtapose against each other, as I am constantly searching for the tangible and the intangible..

They Became Like the Birds
Oil on Canvas
cm 152×152

Searching for a Sign
Oil on Canvas
cm 152×152

The Emboldened One
Oil on Canvas
cm 121,92x 91,44

The Sky Became like a Blanket, covering the Whole of the Earth

Oil on Canvas
cm 101×76

Their Intuition
Oil on Canvas
cm 91,44 x 60,96

The Night Was Her
Oil on Canvas
cm 60,96 x 50

Oil on Canvas
cm 50×40,64

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