Beautiful losers

William Fice

18th March – 15th April 2023



MONTI8 is excited to announce ‘Beautiful losers’, William Fice debut solo exhibition. The show will be on view from 18th March to 4th April in the gallery space, and presents seven new paintings created by the end of 2022. This new series explores the liminal period of adolescence and adulthood. The paintings are colourful translations of everyday interactions presented back as something rich with purpose, slightly otherworldly and mysterious.
These works are particularly informed by circumstance; where are we now, where are we heading and where do we want to go. In this case, there is no real plot, narrative or motive.
In each painting the figures merely occupy space, not particularly doing anything at all; except there’s an overriding sense that time is eluding them. The seasons change yet the figures still remain; oblivious, bored and unwilling. Living in a small town definitely offers plenty of mundane moments of nothingness and these paintings; although forged scenes are directly influenced by that. At this age, there is a constant desire to want more but feeling like time is escaping you. It’s about the feeling of outgrowing your setting and the desire to move on to better things whatever that may be. These moments of nothingness, however play an important part in our lives and by painting subject matter this way, a space is opened up to pause and reflect on our existence.

WILLIAM FICE – Beautiful Losers
18th March – 15th April 2023
Via Monti 8 – Latina (IT)