Marcela Florido. Primavera

Opening: June 18th, 2021
Through July 12th, 2021


With “PRIMAVERA” Marcela Florido exposes, for her first solo show at the gallery, a new series of artworks which continue the artist’s reflctions on gender, race and identity, through a pictorial representation of femeinine figures in vivid colors.
Having lived in different cities as Rio de Janeiro, London, New Heaven, Lamu and New York, the artist has maturated a multi-layered concept of identity. Each culture and each country, in fact, have different prejudices and labels to address its people. The artistic research of Florido (as a latina woman), aims to point out and analize those labels, and try to deconstruct them, in order to define a new way of perceving one’s own identity.
The pictorical representation of a fictional female character typical in her paintings, set in flourishing and colorful landscapes creates a sense of joy and happiness associated with Brazilian culture. This is exactly the kind of stereotype which Florido aims to criticizes through the repetition of these elements. The consant re-definition of the concept of home through her life, in fact, did not cancel her homeland memories which still represerent a crucial aspect for her practice.
The main attention Florido gives to feminine bodies, reflects her research on the way the body perceives the world, and how it relates to it. The body, in fact, learns and reacts in a different way than our mind, and this non-filtered approach to “otherness” may be the cornerstone for a new way of relating to each other and to abolish labels in our culture.
Marcela Florido (b. 1988, Rio de Janeiro, BR) is a Brazialian visual artist, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. After her studies at the Foundation in Art and Design, Central Saint Martins (London, UK), she achieved in 2013 the BFA from Slade School of Art (London, UK), and completed her academic carreer in 2015, earining the MFA from Yale School of Art, in the Painting Department (New Heaven, US). She is represented in public collections such as Sharjah Art Foundation and IBEU.



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