Emma Steinkrauss, Talia Ramkilawan, Gabriel Sanchez, Vivi Cho

Owen Rival, S.H.Kim, Lauren Reynolds, Will Fice, Dominikia Kovacikova

Kathryn Kampovsky, Tafadzwa Masudi Kristen Sanders, Rune Christensen


14.07 – 02.09.2022






MONTI8 is pleased to present EXIT 26, a grup show which features the works of thirteen artists: Emma Steinkrauss, Vivi Cho, Talia Ramkilawan, Owen Rival, Will Fice, Gabriel Sanchez, Rune Christensen, Tafadzwa Masudi, S.H.KIM, Lareun Reynolds, Dominika Kovacikova, Kathryn Kampovsky and Kristen Sanders. 

With this exhibition, the gallery wants to bring together artists already known with artists exhibiting for the very first time, such Will Fice and Owen Rival, both 23 years old. 

To celebrate its second anniversary, the space hosts a big number of works, all paintings, of artists coming from Europe, Asia, Africa and United States.  

 The show runs from 14th July to 2nd September.