Pacifico Silano

Don’t Worry Baby

15.01 – 15.02- 2021



MONTI8 is excited to announce Don’t Worry Baby, first solo show of Pacifico Silano at the gallery.

After exhibiting in 2020 in the gallery opening exhibition Out of the Folds, the artist now presents a new body of ten works which start a new direction in his survey. This new series, entirely made for the show, revolves around the balance between softness
and aggression – as the artists sais – , a balance that is underlined by the contrast between the use of quiet colors and darker tones.
As in the whole Silano’s practice, the works are created using images from old gay erotica magazines, selecting, cutting and overlapping images to create new narratives, where nothing is expicit, like sexual acts or nudity. The sexuality of the subjects is only evoked by a detail of a body, an expression or a movement of a hand.
Every work is marked by a strong sense of intimacy. In Morning Ritual, for example, there is a man caught in a private moment: he’s naked in his bathroom, shaving, grabbing a green soft towel, a simple gesture that every man does, Nevertheless, despite this trivial action of the everyday life, this image reveals a subtle but deep sensuality, enhanced by the mirror on the left which seems on the verge of disclosing something more private.
If in Morning Ritual sensuality is slightly revealed, in the diptych Leather Man is more obvious. The dark tones highlight the masculinity of the bodies: on the left, only a black leather belt dresses the naked white skin of someone’s back. Especially in the second image, the masculinity is even stronger and is suggested by the dark leather clothes, like the belt and the jacket, which intensify a perception of violence.
Violence is a fundamental aspect in Pacifico Silano’s new series. Through these images, he investigates the violence that exists under the surface of the images and speaks to the current moment – as Silano declares.
The works thought for the show are less focused on loss and absence, two issues prominent in the previous ones, they are instead more critical and centred on the contemporary society events, in particular related to American white men. In some subjects the masculinity is hinted in a more elegant way, like in the work Body Talk, where the softness of the white towel on the floor mitigates the virility of the scene,or Saturday Night In, which captures a moment of sweetness and tenderness.
The show invites the viewer to reflect on some issues became central in the today’s society. However, Silano speaks of the present drawing from the past: through his process and the use of old magazines he brings back to life something almost forgotten today, like printed magazines and old images culture of the past decades.
Pacifico Silano (Brooklyn, NY, 1986) is a lens-based artist whose work is an exploration of print culture, the circulation of imagery and LGBTQ identity. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he received his MFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts.
His work has been exhibited in several shows, including at Warhol Museum, the Houston Center fot Photography, the Bronx Museum; Tacoma Art Museum; Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City and The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Reviews of his work have appeared in The New Yorker, Artforum and The Washington Post. Awards include the Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship, NYFA Fellowship in Photography, being a Finalist for the Aperture Foundation Portfolio Prize and being shortlisted for the Paris
Photo/Aperture First Book Prize.
His work is in the Permanent Collection of The Museum of Modern Art.