A Few Seconds Before Happiness

18th September – 2nd October 2022

Annamari Vardanyan is an artist of Armenian origin, graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Jiří Petrbok’s drawing studio), whose work addresses the personal experience of living on the borderline of social, cultural, and value-based differentiations in the space of multiple civilisational traditions. Her paintings present scenes of ordinary life, which are substantively dispersed in the environment of a tra ditional Armenian family and centralised around her self-portrait, and which seem to convey a sense of comic banality and empty narrative. However, when the sugges tive features, gestures and stimuli displayed in the secondary plan of the painting are closely contemplated, they seem to convey a variation of different cultural, nation al, and historical references, as well as connotations of content stemming from the technique of appropriation used, which in effect merge the absurd meaninglessness of everyday reality with the inevitable sense of alienation and helplessness in the pursuit of the authenticity of one’s own identity. The author’s topic touches upon the existential questions of the lives of people who are confronted with the metaphorical splitting of their life narratives across the familiar space of the ordinary and the for gotten memory of the ancestors.


Before storm II. 190 x 215 cm acrylic on canvas 2022. 3300 EUR. om hold

Before the Storm II


Oil on canvas

Cm 190×205

Sona, 2022

Oil on canvas

Cm 320×215









Let’s choose to live in present, 2022

Oil on Canvas

Cm 320×215




A portrait of the artist in the studio