Daniel Jensen. Fireworks

Opening: November 27th, 2020
Through December 21st, 2020

Motion Control, 2020. Soft pastel and gesso on canvas. 80 x 60 cm (detail)


MONTI8 is gladto announce “Daniel Jensen – Fireworks”, first solo show of Daniel Jensen with the gallery. The exhibition presents a new body of works, which includes paintings and sculptures. This new series starts a new direction in the artist’s practice, marked by a new personal iconography, but still imbued of elements typical of his previous research.
Ranging from small, medium and larger sizes, each painting keep the same expressive power, balanced between the playful and the serious. The entire Jensen’s work has always been focused on this balance and the tension that it builts on the canvas, through a gestural abstraction rich in references to his surrounding. However, in these latest works he develops a new language which recalls sounds and music: on a primarily light background, the line drawn by the graphyte moves on the surface in a cadenced and harmonious rhythm. The paintings are now at once soft and energic, also thanks to the use of bold colours which make the image even more dynamic.
Combining different materials and techniques such as graphyte, soft pastel and acrylic, the artist costructs complex structures where different moments and elements coexist, overlapping signs and colours. The final result is a layered composition that is hard to read and conveys a orderly chaos.
For this exhibition, Daniel Jensen also produced a small-scale sculptures that oscillates between abstraction and figuration. As in his the paintings, the sculptures are created merging several materials such as enamel, epoxy and aluminium, and are characterized by brillant colours and non-traditional shapes.
Daniel Jensen was born in Malmo (Sweden), he currently lives and works in Stockholm. His work has been exhibited in several galleries through Europe and United States and are part of important collections as The National Public Art Council of Sweden, the Malmo Art Museum and many others




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