Nell Nicholas. Treasure

Opening: March 27th, 2021
Through May 2oth, 2021

Deli, 2021. Oil and graphyte on canvas. 110×130 cm


MONTI8 is glad to announce “Treasure” the first solo show of Nell Nicholas at the gallery. The show presents a new body of works, including eleven paintings made between 2020 and 2021.

Nell Nicholas’s practice explores her surrounding. She draws inspiration from the streets of London with their shops and windows, where she can find any kind of objects which catch her attention. She depicts mostly interior scenes, where these objects are placed in a new context and find new meaning and functions.

As the artists sais: “This body of work evolved from my fascination with “stuff”. I think a lot about our relationships with stuff, what we value, and why we value it. Everything has multiple values – financial, personal, cultural, historical. Since I moved to London in 2014, the city has dominated my work. It’s a place filled with objects of the most incredible variety. If you look, every street, every shop, every living room and market stall is a collection, a museum of its own. There are over 83000 shops in London,
and more than 170 museums. The objects represent us, both in the real world and in my paintings. They fascinate me for their ability to silently commentate on what’s going on around them.”

In her works, the artist creates a sort of new museum collections, merging everyday stuff with furniture or artistic items such as sculptures, ancient vases and other old objects, wich recall some antique shops.

The show will run from March 27th through May 20th.



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