Radu Oreian, James Collins and Ludvig Helin
Opening date: December 11th, 2020
Through January 22th, 2021

MONTI 8 is excited to present Hideaway, a show which will feature the works of three artists, including Radu Oreian. The exhibition will revolves around different ways of describing nature. Through the use of textures and surfaces which remind at natural paths, the show will present a sort of big map and natural route created by every artists in different ways, using pictorial or sculptural materials, as well as materials which usually don’t belong to the common artistic practice. This relationship with nature lets the artist explore also other different themes connected to cultures, traditions or identity, memory and historical events. For instance, in Radu Oreian’s works, the painter is inspired by ancient legends, literature and mythologies, making coexist tradition with a contemporary language. The title Hideaway can be read in so many ways. For example, it can refers to the visual aspects of some works, which look like intricate paths which hide something. Moreover, “hideaway” could also refer to nature as a place to seek refuge.